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Ultimate protection for all your cables, wires and cords


ChordSavers offer a unique solution to organize and protect all your cables, wires and cords. Providing the ultimate reusable cord protection with an easy two piece snap together system with interlocking design to make them ideal for any length of cable run. ChordSavers also feature dual adhesion strips on the base to help reduce the possibility of slippage on most floor surfaces.


ChordSavers Official Product Line Made in the USA


From decorative covers for Home and Office use to durable covers for commercial applications and outdoor use, ChordSavers has a solution for you. They eliminate the use of awkward flexible products that come in a coil or disposable duct or gaffers tapes that provide zero protection.


ChordSavers Products are Ideal for use in:

Home Offices

Home Theater Systems Garages Rec Rooms
Recording Studios Live Musical Stages Mobile DJ Setups Audio Video Systems
Retail Outlets Trade Show Displays Classrooms Office Buildings
Construction Sites Industrial  Warehouses Convention Centers Workshops

With Four different product lines to choose from, you're sure to find a solution that fits your application





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